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Monteu Roero

Casa San Grato is located in the municipality of Monteu Roero, in the province of Cuneo, just 15 kilometres from the wonderful town of Alba, a leading centre for wines and truffles, and 20 kilometres from Bra, a Roman town where the Slow Food movement was born and still has its base.

The imposing peaks of the Alps in the near vicinity means that nature-lovers and trekking enthusiasts can reach mountain landscapes in next to no time.

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Best known for its excellent wines and prized truffles, as well as for its honey and beautiful fruit markets, the Roero area has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2014, along with Langhe and Monferrato. You will only need a few hours exploring the territory to realise the reasons for such a prestigious recognition.

In addition to the opportunities for tasting local products of the highest quality, the more sports-minded visitors can explore the area along the countless, fascinating trekking paths and on- and off-road cycling routes.

Biodiversity, which is a significant feature especially of the Roero, can be perceived wherever one looks in the area, providing visitors with a truly enriching experience.

Rocche del Roero

The Rocche del Roero also provide a highly spectacular landscape: a geological phenomenon caused by erosion leading to the formation of chasms hundreds of metres deep, dotted with pointed, rocky outcrops creating a unique sight. There are a number of trails that allow visitors to explore this wonderful spectacle.

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Turin, Italy’s first capital city and now the charming regional capital of Piedmont with its rich artistic and cultural heritage, is just 50 kilometres or just under an hour’s drive away.