Casa San Grato – a house that brings with it the hues and perfumes of the surrounding area – lies along the “Honey Road” at the entrance to a small village, nestling among the enchanting hills of Roero that are dotted with vineyards and fruit trees.

casa nel verde

You can enjoy your stay in a setting that blends tradition with the contemporary, through the use of natural yet bright shades of colour.

A place where comfort and character combine to create a perfect balance, exclusively matching refinement with simplicity.
The outdoor pool and nearby gazebo, ideal for open-air activities such as yoga, add the final touches to this charming location.

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A place that can convey peace and tranquillity and provide you with a truly warm welcome during your holiday.

The outstanding natural beauty of the Roero area is further enhanced by the air of genuineness that can be breathed in every corner of its territory: from the streets immersed in greenery, to the villages that seem to ignore the relentless passing of time.

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Food and wine excellences

Food and wine excellences

The Roero food and wine tradition, together with that from the nearby Langhe, ranks high among the excellences found in Italy.
You can taste excellent wines that are produced locally and known all over the world and let yourself be carried away by an unforgettable sensory experience.
The deep-rooted culinary traditions of the Langhe and Roero Region and the variety of unique, superior products found in the territory have contributed to the existence of numerous excellent restaurants, where you can lose the sense of time among the unmistakable flavours of the area.

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